7 Qualities Your Social Media Agents Should Have

You have decided that you want to use social media as a customer engagement channel. Great choice. Most of your customers are online, and therefore social media is an efficient way to answer their questions, solve their problems, and help them do transactions.

When you decide to start a scalable social media operation, it becomes time to start recruiting your customer engagement team for social media. What do you look for? What is important?

Here are 7 qualities your social media agents should have:

1. Be bright

It is important to work with highly educated people. Proper customer engagement is not easy to do. There are no static scripts that you can use to answer standard questions. You are there to help people and make a difference and this requires some serious brainpower. Your agents should think independently and come up with solutions themselves. At CX Company we exclusively work with agents that have have a bachelor’s degree or are on their way of obtaining one.

2. Be a detective

You are curious by nature and want to know everything. When a customer has a question or problem, you want to get to the bottom of it. If someone’s luggage is delayed, you want to know where the bags are. You want to know what went wrong. You are determined to leave no stone unturned and get it resolved.

3. Be creative

You need to be creative, not just in the way you write and answer questions but also in how you solve problems. When a company has thousands of customers, you will run into issues that are not standard?—?things that nobody has seen before. In solving these matters you need to be creative, think outside the box. Sure, it is great if you can give creative answers and be witty on a Facebook wall or Twitter account, but at the end of the day you are there to help people. Problem solving requires creativity as well.

4. Be empathetic

People come to you with real problems and challenges. You must be empathetic and really understand their problem. Many queries have an emotional component, you need to recognise that and anticipate on it. When someone misses his or her flight on the way to a wedding across the world, it is vital for you to understand the emotional situation he or she is in. Only then, by understanding and using that context, you can help them in the best way possible. Adjust your tone of voice, and let them know you are doing your utmost to get them to the wedding in time.

5. Be stubborn

Be stubborn. Do not give up. Set your teeth into it. Do not rest until the problem is solved. Your agents need to be a little stubborn, when they set their mind to something you want them to keep going at it until it is successfully completed. They have to think for themselves and have the confidence that they can independently complete the task. Stubborn agents can help your customers successfully.

6. Be outgoing

You want a lively department. A fun group of people that enjoy coming to work and helping your customers. You want them to be outgoing, outspoken and diverse. You want your agents interact with each other, only then can they bring out the best in each other. Let them be creative together, let them solve problems together. Having outgoing people on your team encourages collaboration, which increases the quality of your operation.

7. Live on the edge

You must take risks. Be bold. That is part of a good customer engagement professional. If you play it on the safe side each and every time, you will start sounding like a robot. And the day that you start sounding like a robot, is the day that you start failing. Give your customers an experience that is memorable. Help them in the best way possible.

The 7 qualities a social media agent should have. Look for smart and creative types, that live to help people and make a difference.

Source:  bizztor.com

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