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3 Customer Engagement Techniques for All Startups

Image Credit | Jacada Today’s customers have access to a world of products and services across all fronts, especially the […]

Ensure Five-Star Quality Across Your Business

FG Photo Improving your business takes a lot of work. You need to make improvements across the board for maximum […]

What Are Bad Profits?

All companies love profits, but what about bad profits? The idea of bad profits was created by Fred Reichheld in […]

Is Your Startup Present In These Important Business Directories?

Here is the list of 41 places where you can easily list your business/startup, depending upon the category and location […]

Time Management Experts Share Their Secrets For Staying Productive During The Holidays

[Photo: Flickr user Design Bridge]An overloaded calendar can make December feel like the least productive time of year. But with […]

Forget Traditional Big Data Analytics, Welcome To Swarm Intelligence

More and more we seem to be turning to nature for our technological inspiration. From robots that can leap like […]

Working to Live or Living to Work?

Cultural Differences: United States vs. Europe The United States is among the wealthiest countries in the world. Having a decent […]

Three Factors Driving The Future Of Customer Engagement

While many marketing functions are now being assisted by algorithms, one area seems to be immune to automation – customer […]

How the in-store experience is evolving, thanks to mobile

  If you have been shopping at a Banana Republic Factory store recently, you may have noticed something new. Banana […]

How to Make the Most of New Technology Trends

Small business owners can be overwhelmed by new trends in technology. We’re puzzled – not because we lack the IQ […]